Sexualization of Children

Sexy videos like the one above are part of the normal video  buffet for children. Children who look at these images and listen to these songs repeatedly beginning at an early age are more likely to engage in sexual practices at an early age.

These images are the reason why some schools have cancelled a lot of school dances. The administrators are wary about having school dances because the dances look like they are having vertical sex.

I have seen children at the age of three or four encouraged to act sexy and dance in sexy ways. The parents feel that this behavior is cute at this age because the children are so young and innocent. What they do not realize is that these children evolve, and when they evolve into middle school aged children who are uncontrollable, they want to call the police.


2 thoughts on “Sexualization of Children

  1. It is not down to artists to filter themselves to be appropriate, it is down to parents, you do not stick your child in front of a television and let them just absorb whatever happens to be there. That is not parenting that is just slack old fashioned laziness that should not be tolerated.
    My parents did not allow me to watch things of a sexual nature, until i had the emotional maturity to handle it, that is what people should do.
    If i wanted to make an explicit 3 minute short where i writhed around wearing only a bikini covered in oil, my business but parents should do parenting and disuade their children from viewing it and explain why.
    just my 2 cents.

  2. Here is the problem…even when I tried to plan a g rated art project. A simple art collage in which the students had to cut out pictures and words that represented them. I had to go through every single magazine and sanitize them, sometimes ripping out 10-20 pages of ads in regular magazines that had a sexual undertone. But thanks for your input, however, I find that students who are not allowed to watch this type of material at their homes, usually find a way if they really want to….

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